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Meet Mohammed Ali, the owner and operator of Ali's Home Clean.


Mohammed's backround was in the catering trade until 2007.  He was highly successful businessman and restaurant owner, specialising in Bangladeshi cuisine.  In 2007 Mohammed suffered a major heart attack, which nearly cost him his life.  So after 18 years of running his own business and on the advice of his GP, Mohammed had no choice but to give up all his business venture.


While he was recovering, Mohammed helped clean many properties that his brother letted out to his clients.  While on his very first end of tenancy clean, Mohammed realised, that he was not pressured constantly, not stressed out like he used to be and it was quite therapeutic.  He also found that he enjoyed the job.  After gaining the necessary required experiance, Mohammed started to take on work from the general public.


Mohammed left London and relocated to Portishead in 2010.  Due to his normal job requirement, Mohammed had to stop cleaning.  Two years after starting work with Asda Stores Limited, Mohammed began to miss his cleaning duties and he was not enjoying his work with Asda.  Mohammed then started to clean for his friends and family Portishead.


During the summer of 2014, Mohammed decided to clean on a full time basis.  He carried out extensive research in government rules and regulations, insurance etc.  On 1st January 2015 Ali's Home Clean was born 


What some of our clients say about us

Mohammed is friendly, reliable, honest and has one of the best customer service.  Always willing to help by going that extra mile.  His detail to work is unbelievable.


We would recommend Mohammed to anyone who is looking, to give Mohammed a try before trying anyone else.


Mr & Mrs Orgill. Nailsea, Bristol

Thank you for cleaning our house today.  It looks amazing.  Tessa and I are very happy with your service


James Davies & Tessa Smith, Portishead

Another wonderful Job from Al's home clean!! Such a reliable and friendly guy and always goes above and beyond to make our house look lovey! Thanks again!!


Ms J Hall. Portishead, Bristol

It is a very nice feeling coming to my home after a hectic day at work.  The house is immaculate.  I can relax knowing that my house is clean. 


Thank you for all your hard work.


Mrs S Begum. Portishead, Bristol

Oh my goodness I never thought our house would look like this.  You have done an amazing job.  I cannot thank you enough.


Mrs Shapla Begum.  Manor Park, London

Thank you for your hard work.  My flat looks amazingly clean


Mr Sanjeev Kumar. East Ham, London

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